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Eric Hoeprich




For the past twenty years Eric Hoeprich has specialized in performing on the historical clarinet. His expertise as a musician, scholar & instrument maker allow for a unique approach to the clarinet repertoire of the 18th an 19th centuries. As principal clarinet in Frans Brggen's Orchestra of the 18th Century he has had many opportunities to perform and record as a soloist, and additionally to perform with many of the period instrument orchestras in Europe, the United States and Australia. Recent performances have also included modern instrument orchestras, such as the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra and the Gulbenkian Chamber Orchestra.

His activities as a chamber musician take him around the world, both with his wind ensembles Nachtmusique and Stadler Trio, and as a guest with numerous string quartets and pianists. As a scholar Hoeprich has been contracted by Yale University Press to write a comprehensive book on the clarinet as part of a new series on the instruments of the orchestra. He has also published articles in Early Music, Galpin Society Journal, The Clarinet, Tibia and Scherzo, and been interviewed by numerous magazines, newspapers and television & radio stations. 

He is on the faculties of the Conservatoire de Paris and the Royal Conservatory of Music in The Hague, and often is invited to give master classes and courses. 
His interest in the early clarinet has led Hoeprich to amass a large collection of 18th and 19th century clarinets. Of particular interest is his basset horn which was made by Raimund Griesbacher circa 1790 in Vienna. This is the instrument he performs on in concerts and recordings of the Stadler Trio.


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